by Jeffrey Inscho

I'm a writer, strategist and cultural technologist living in Pittsburgh. My work lives at the intersection of technology, culture, mindfulness and participation.

Podcast 003: Occupying the Internet with Man Bartlett

Man Bartlett is a New York-based artist known for his use of social media as a participatory artistic medium. Through projects such as 24h Best non-Buy and #24hPort, Man breaks new ground in the areas of audience engagement and participatory artistic experiences. We had a great time rapping about art and tech, and I am very grateful he took the time to chat with me.

In this episode, Man and I discuss his work, his three-pronged use of new media, his obsession with circles and artist activism.

Show Notes:
Man Bartlett - Official Site
24h Best non-Buy
#24h Echo
Super Morrissey Bros.
Circle Drawings and Point Pieces
Artist Man Bartlett Among OWS Arrests Yesterday
Materials for the Arts - New York