by Jeffrey Inscho

I'm a writer, strategist and cultural technologist living in Pittsburgh. My work lives at the intersection of technology, culture, mindfulness and participation.

Crowdsourcing Baby Names

My wife and I are eagerly expecting our second child, a daughter, to arrive later this summer. We have a few good names picked out, but we're always open to hearing about new and interesting options. That's why I'm turning to the fine readers of this site to help with our name selection.

Below is a form with three fields. If you'd like to recommend a name for our future daughter, please send it in! I can't promise we'll use one of the suggested names, but I've found the hive mind can generate some great concepts. Only the baby name field is required, however you might want to add your name and email address because if we end up using your recommendation I'd really like to send you a thank-you gift.

A little bit about us before you begin: We like art, music and literature. My design preferences are based in minimalism, while I'd say Jill's are more traditional. Our son is named Elliott, after one of the greatest songwriters in recent history -- Elliott Smith. Our dog's name is Monty. If you're into research, much more detailed info can be found by perusing the archives of this site.

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