Digital Story Listening

There has been some discussion recently about how digital technologies impact the storytelling process. People are writing about it and conference keynotes are being organized around the premise that we're operating in unheralded times. Modern, media-infused, multi-platform times. While it's true technology has influenced nearly everything we touch these days,
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A Mission and a Marker

I've been writing and developing Static Made three years this month. Before that, I was publishing a less-focused personal blog. And before that, I had a fairly-well-read lefty political site. If we go all the way back, a Geocities page for emo show reviews got the whole thing rolling for
- A Mission and a Marker

We Were Promised Hoverboards

It's the year 2015. Let's just stop and think about that for a moment. To some, there is nothing impressive about this year over, say, 2014. However to me and many other 30-something creatives, the weight of this year is substantial. 2015 is the year we were promised hoverboards. Like
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Intentions for 2015

I'm not one for resolutions, New Year's or otherwise. As a calendar year comes to a close however, and we look toward a new year, it's only natural to look forward and set goals for our lives and how we'll live them in the coming year. Instead of moving into
- Intentions for 2015

Tin Can Telephone

In 2015 I will be embarking on an analog experiment that I've affectionately named Tin Can Telephone. At this point in the project's development I have many loose ideas, but few details. It mainly involves artisanal making and an investigation of offline, analog social relationships across time and distance. This
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The Pastry Box Project

I'm really excited, and quite honored, to have been asked to write for The Pastry Box Project in 2015. Never heard of The Pastry Box Project? Check it out: Each year, The Pastry Box Project gathers 30 people who are each influential in their field and asks them to share
- The Pastry Box Project