Static Made

by Jeffrey Inscho

Written and produced with love in the City of Champions.

  1. Vive la France

    Jilly and I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in Paris. One of the things we love to do together in a new city is set out early to walk, eat and drink our way through the unfamiliar streets. We usually tackle a different direction or neighborhood…

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  2. Flickr Creative Commons Dataset

    Let's get this out in the open: I love Flickr. I've been using the service since 2005 and I have nearly 3,000 images hosted over there. I've also been pretty honest about this love in the past, having written openly about my relationship with the platform. Flickr has had…

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  3. Static Made v4.0

    This website has gone through many iterations during its three-year life on the web. Static Made started off as a place for me to share my portfolio while seeking consulting gigs, progressed into a fairly active blog that examined technology and culture, and ultimately maintained that format when it focussed…

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  4. Welcome to London

    You can't read a marketing or technology article these days without mention of the word "data." User data, big data and structured data are all enjoying their time in the spotlight. And like their for-profit counterparts, cultural institutions are going all in on the data train. The latest institution to…

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  5. What Comes Next is the Future

    Let's face it. The web is awesome. It's open (for now), evolving, organic and fast. It brings people together, provides a platform for the voiceless and helps facilitate societal change. One might say it's had the most profound impact on global culture across all of history. The web should be…

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  6. The Dark Matter of the Internet

    I've read this essay from Mike Edson about 5 times now. I also have it bookmarked so I can get back to it quickly when I feel like my (our) institutional efforts need to be finely tuned and fixed upon ultimate objectives. In Dark Matter, Edson effectively posits that the…

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