My Fifteen Minutes

When Jilly and I were considering a move to Pittsburgh in the winter of 2001, we came into town for the day to explore the city and its many amenities. The first place we went on that fateful day nearly 15 years ago was the Andy Warhol Museum. I'll never
- My Fifteen Minutes

The Anti-Museum

Earlier this summer, a group of colleagues and I spent a week in Berlin making a video portrait of artist Joachim Schmid. It was a wonderful experience getting to know Joachim and his unique work. For the past six weeks, we've been deep into post-production on the documentary, which is
- The Anti-Museum

Familiar Goodbyes

I recently attended the going away party for a close colleague, someone I consider to be a mentor in the areas of technology and museum engagement. While I'm sad to see this person leaving the cultural sector, I'm extremely excited for the wonderful private sector opportunity that's now at his
- Familiar Goodbyes

Refragmenting the Web

I got my first taste of publishing to the web in November 1996. I was a first-semester undergrad, still wet behind the ears. It was a life-altering experience. For the life of me I can't remember the URL of that first Geocities node. A damn shame though, because if I
- Refragmenting the Web

Digerati Dads

In a recent article for Quartz entitled How Technology Can Make Better Fathers, Alexandra Svokos takes a surprising look at how the proliferation of digital technologies is impacting the way fathers connect with their kids. Structured mainly through the lens of her own experiences growing up with a traveling father
- Digerati Dads

Impossible Questions

Earlier this week, my team at work announced a large-scale project that will consume a large portion of my professional life over the next few years. Art Tracks: The Provenance Visualization Project is a facinating concept and an opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the museum sector. The TL
- Impossible Questions